The Revival

Bringing Back the Banarasi Bling

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For the past nine years, the label has been closely working with the master craftsmen of Banaras to revive the traditional handlooms. Shivangi has worked relentlessly to revive this traditional art form and weaves; collecting old pieces, spending time with the weavers to put together a scintillating collection of textiles woven together with her exquisite detailing.

Our Techniques

Every Single Weave Is A Magic

Banarasi Saree takes 5600 thread wires

One of the most important aspects of weaving Banarasi silk sarees is the teamwork where three weavers are involved in the creation of the saree. One artisan has to weave the silk, another one has to engage the bundle of silk, and then other one has to dye the silk, which creates the power ring.

Creating Design Boards

An artist first sketches the design on a graph paper, along with color concepts and before selecting the final design, punch cards are created. The beauty is that a single design of an Indian Banarasi saree requires hundreds of perforated cards for the implementation of the idea.

Knitting the prepared perforated cards

The knitted perforated cards are then paddled in a systematic manner to ensure that the main weaving picks up the right colors and pattern. The artisans may take fifteen days to six months for creating the sari, which exclusively depends on the intricacies of the design.


Our Designer

Born and brought up in Banaras, the centre of north India's weaving Industry, Shivangi Kasliwaal grew up amidst the traditional designs and techniques, seeing the regional weavers and artisans work on these art forms.

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