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Shivangi Kasliwaal

Born and brought up in Banaras, the center of north India's weaving Industry, Shivangi Kasliwaal grew up amidst the traditional designs and techniques, seeing the regional weavers and artisans work on these art forms. Shivangi started her own brand in 2009 to revive the magnificent Banarasi art form that she adored so much. Commencing the journey by connecting with master craftsmen who had scattered and moved onto power-looms and other lucrative jobs during the slump in the weaving industry. She has traveled a long way weaving her dreams into reality.

Her relentless efforts and passion to preserve and promote the traditional art form made her pursue this label that we see today; which weaves together the ancient and modern delicately into these masterpieces.

why us?

Banarasi Saree still remains the first favourite

Each piece is a reflection of the designer’s unparalleled love for Banarasi artwork, created with absolute precision and is an inimitable masterpiece by these master craftsmen who are handpicked by the designer herself.


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